Industry expert in all forms in the construction industry with excellent understanding of all structural and building requirements.

Ability to resolve any issues immediately that may arise during a project.

  • Comprehensive knowledge of all techniques using a variety of developed skills, as well as strong management skills.
  • Ensure smooth business operations by following projects from conceptualisation phase to completion, including system design, incorporation of customer needs, and technical support
  • Proven ability to manage large teams with multiple simultaneous projects
  • Due to good workmanship and strictly following SANS regulations most of our work are based on a referral basis and return business.
  • Through various projects and changing industry design, we have gained the knowledge and expertise to take on any task.
  • Adapt myself and that of my employees to different working environments as the need arises.
  • Due to our proven track record we have been entrusted by developers to complete larger projects, current future projects estimated at R45 million in 2019.
jihaad portrait

” The experiences I have gained throughout my career have given me the ability to identify and resolve issues immediately. I have learned foundational craftsmanship skills from my grandfather which has provided me with traditional experience and have adopted modern techniques that in combination have given me extraordinary abilities to master the field I am in (construction). I have throughout my career done challenging projects such as building an R8 million house 5m from the sea, this challenge was overcome because of my abilities and experience.  I am registered with many of the known and required municipal authorities such as BIBC and NHBRC. “

Jihaad Hendricks